Save The Earth Cambodia

Views from the Frontline (VFL) has been preapring to study the HFA progress review as a part of the VFL 2013 initiatives. The Secertariat of GNDR has set its target to conduct the consultations with the National and Regional Coordinators. As a part of the process, the upcpmong conference to be held at Bangkok for South Asia and South East Asia two regions on November 7-8, 2011. 

Because of Eid-ul-Azha, the meeting has been moved to December. The date is under consultation to set.

Marcus Oxley, the Chair of the Global Network of Civil Society Organizations for Disaster Reduction, will be facilitating the sessions. The conference will be conducted for all ten regions and the outcomes of the regional conferences will be compiled as the global outcome.

It is planned to faciltae an on-line consultation with the compiled global VFL outcome to finalize and main input for gloabl VFL plan for 2013. The on-line consultation among the GNDR members and professionals will be finalizing the programme startegy and a global research will be undertaken to monitor the HFA progress.

It is notable that the VFL 2011 reports reflections from 69 countries shows that the progress made by the world governments are 'very limited extent'.

Experts commented that the progress made at local government and civil society perspectives of the local governance process is really 'at risk' area if we consider the HFA mandate and the overall goal for HAF.