Save The Earth Cambodia

Save the Earth Cambodia is looking for partnership to implement CCA & Livelihoods and CBDRM projects in Cambodia


CCA & Livelihoods: Save the Earth Cambodia has been experiencing in the as pro-active CCA and gender mainstreaming issues for sustainable livelihood development; Reducing the Climate Risks addressing the Climate Risk Reduction Measures, Micro Insurance, Social Enterprise etc. mechanism has been put in as the successful Tools. Please see the successful case studies in micro insurance and social enterprise development.

Case Study 1 "Dream Comes True"

Case Study 2 "Water for Life and Green Community"

Case Study 3 "Enhancing Social Business Approaches"

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CBDRM: Save the Earth Cambodia has been experiencing in the Disaster Risk Reduction projects, Community Based Disaster Risk Management projects along with verse fields in capacity building and implementing the activities at the remote communities.

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Disaster Risk Reduction Education through Schools 


Save the Earth Cambodia has been working in the Education Sectors in disaster risk reduction activities. The Mercy Malaysia supported School Preparedness pilot programmes in Cambodia has been implemented in Provincial Teachers' Training Center, one high school and five other secondary schools in Battambang province. 
School students (boys & girls), teachers, School Management Committee members, Village & Commune Chiefs along with Government representatives participate to develop the Climate and Disaster Risk maps for the school; Climate and Disaster Risk Reduction Action Plan and they implement the same with supports from Save the Earth, School students, teachers, and communities as collective efforts. 

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