Save The Earth Cambodia

Save the Earth Cambodia is a dynamic, not for profit, registered NGO based in Cambodia


To be a professional, results oriented organisaton that works collaboratively with partners to empower institutions and communities to achieve harmony and prosperity in the whole of Cambodia.


We empower institutions and gender responsive community people including marginalized, vulnerable, indigenous etc. on agriculture, health, NRM (water, land, forest, natural resources etc.), sustainable eco-friendly livelihoods  to reduce the impacts of climate  change and disasters by creating awareness, advocacy for capacity strengthening,  gender empowerment; support them to build healthy and environmentally friendly communities and public institutions.



 By the end of 2015,

 Save the Earth Cambodia achieved the following targets:

  Long term goal

  • Social enterprise projects benefited communities
  • Established
    1. Micro Insurance Facility (MIF) as an agent in building community resilience;
    2. as a resource organization – provide technical services to public, private, civil society organizations and development partners’ capacity in the fields of disaster reduction, climate change adaptation, gender mainstreaming in institutions, programs, projects and beneficiaries levels
    3. as a resource organization to support the public private partnerships, institutional capacity development and foster dialogues for addressing multi-risks
    4. as a technical organization conducting different types of activities namely - research, feasibility study, monitoring & reporting, monitoring & evaluation, Impact Assessment, Environmental Impact Assessment, End Project Evaluation etc.
    5. established as reliable partner of farmers mainly on agriculture extension technical support services, irrigation system, landuse planning and land management etc.
    6. as a resource organization on gender management – gender awareness, advocacy, capacity building, integration, mainstreaming into development processes 
  • facilitated to integrate CBDRM, DRR, CCA, CCM, gender considerations into schools’ regular curriculum
  • supported partners in natural resource management, protection and extension

mid term goal

  • Extensively engage in the CCA and DRR fields
  • Work in DRR for Education Sectors
  • Prioritize children and women as the key actors in vulnerability reduction processes
  • Actively takes part in the CBDRM, CCA, Gender and Women’s / Children’s Rights Forums in country, regionally and internationally
  • is capable of shouldering 25% of its financial obligations and requirements without reliance on external funding
  • provide technical services to institutions, programs and projects

Our Values

  • Women’s and Children’s Rights - Based on the UN Charter and Declaration of Policies on Women’s and Children’s Rights, the STEC ensure observance and compliance
  • Climate Change - We give priority to Climate Change Adaptation as propounded and undertaken by UN Agencies and Institutions
  • Disaster Risk Reduction - The STEC programs and projects are crafted following the principles declared by the MDG of the UN especially concerning the Hyogo Framework for Action.
  • Achievement -We plan our work, achieve our objectives and strive to make an impact in communities.
  • Equal Opportunity - We recognize that all people have capacity and we support people to realize their potential
  • Collaboration and Participation - We seek active partners and are committed to actively engaging communities in decision making.
  • Creativity - We look for new ways to do our work.
  • Responsibility - We take responsibility for our work, complete all tasks and strive for quality outcomes.
  • Leadership - We provide strong and clear guidance and support to those we work with.
  • Wellbeing of Staff - We consider staff to be our most valuable asset and create a supportive and professional environment in which staff can fulfill their potential.
  • Team Work - We value the strength of working together and of having an inclusive approach.
  • Wisdom - We consider all views and aspects before we act.


The Strategic Plan sets out the broad directions and goals for Save the Earth over the next three years in order to realize our mission. The Plan has been developed in consultation with staff, communities, government agencies, partners and other stakeholders. We aim to build on the current strengths of the organization, be responsive to communities’ needs and emerging trends and position the organization for future sustainability.

Our History

Save The Earth Cambodia first commenced in November 2006 to respond to the evident need for local capacity building in Cambodia and for leadership in promoting Climate Change issues and mitigation strategies and Disaster Risk Reduction in Cambodia.

Our Organisation

Board Members

  • Mr. Puth Chamoreun (Chair)
  • (Vice chair to be placed)
  • Mr. Hou Sopheap (Honorary Member)
  • Ms. Keo Theavy (Honorary Member)
  • Ms. Aun Livina (Honorary Member)
  • Mr. Akhteruzzaman Sano (Honorary Member)

Honorary Members who successfully completed their terms

  • Mr. Run Saray
  • Mr. San You
  • Mr. Suon Seyla

Identity of Save the Earth Cambodia

Save the Earth Cambodia (STEC) is a non-government, non-profit, neutral, non-racial, non-religious, and non-political organization. STEC does not provide equipment and financial means and human resources to support any political party or its candidates.

Save the Earth promotes environmental & energy facilities, builds local capacity at community and institutional levels and creates awareness in the community and in the local authorities in regard to climate change and gender issues.

Issues concerning Climate Change are addressed by mitigation and adaptation activities that can have an impact on the environment. These activities are carried out through empowerment programs involving community and community based institutions to identify the options in regard to mitigation and adaptation, and the identified options are mainstreamed into commune development plans.