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Initiative for Equality, or IfE (pronounced “ee-fay”), is a global network of activists and academics working on issues related to social, economic and political equality. Along with partners and communities around the world, we develop information, goals and strategies needed to bring about greater equality; we collaborate and coordinate efforts on these issues; and we test and implement the new social, economic and political strategies.

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Save the Earth has been  working as the Regional Coordinating Organization for East Asia (China, Japan, South Korea, DRK, Mongolia), South Asia (Afghanistan, Bangladesh,  Bhutan, India, Maldives,  Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka),  and Southeast Asia (Cambodia, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Thailand, Timor Least and Viet Nam).

Interested irganizations are welcome to join us in the Field Hearnings. 

Equity & Sustainability Field Hearings
bringing voices of underserved, excluded or marginalized communities
into the global dialogue on sustainable development

The Equity & Sustainability Field Hearings: The Field Hearings are being conducted to ensure that a wide diversity of individuals and communities around the world are able to have their voices heard in the dialogue on sustainable development. Civil society groups and academic programs around the globe, with coordination by Initiative for Equality, are conducting interviews, focus groups and public meetings to learn what people in disadvantaged or excluded communities are thinking about their future. What are the main problems faced by their community? What are some possible causes? Solutions? How does inequality affect communities? What is needed in order to have a good, equitable and sustainable future? These responses will be compiled and presented in the Post-2015 and Sustainable Development Goals processes.


Save the Earth and Equity & Sustainability Field Hearings

Save the Earth Cambodia has been plyaing the role of Regional Coordinator for East, South and Southeast Asia with supports from Global Director Dr. Deborah S. Roger and Country Coordintaors connected with direct partners from grass root levels from each country.



Initiative for Equality (IfE) was founded in 2011 by a founding Board of Directors and Board of Advisors. IfE submitted articles of incorporation in 2011 under South Dakota state law as a non-profit charitable organization. 

Activities and Milestones:


  • July 2011—IfE founding Board of Directors files Articles of Incorporation
  • July 2011—IfE’s Rogers and de Zoysa session on “Equity, Equality and Pathways towards Sustainability” selected for Planet Under Pressure conference (London, March 2012)
  • September 2011—IfE participates in UN DPI Civil Society Organizations conference in Bonn, DE
  • October 2011—IfE’s Rogers lectures at Asia Pacific Network workshop “Asian Development Pathways and Transitioning Towards a Green Economy” in Nanjing, PRC
  • November 2011—IfE designated as Collaborating Partner for Equity component of Rio+20 parallel civil society processes, including global “Equity and Sustainability Field Hearings” and “Equity and Sustainability Treaty”
  • December 2011—Rio+20 Field Hearings collaborators identified and plans laid


  • February 2012—Equity Treaty Circle convened by IfE, and negotiations begin
  • February 2012—IfE website launched
  • February 2012—Equity & Sustainability Field Hearings begin
  • March 2012—IfE's Rogers and de Zoysa convene session on equity and sustainability at Planet Under Pressure conference in London; hold press conference and present talks
  • March 2012—IfE cohosts international meeting on Equity Treaty in London
  • May 2012—Zero Draft of Equity Treaty circulated for comment
  • June 2012—Equity Treaty finalized and opened for signatures
  • June 2012—Equity Treaty presented at Rio+20 Summit side events and parallel People's Summit
  • June 2012—Field Hearings report finalized and released
  • June 2012—Field Hearings project and report presented at Rio+20 Summit side events, People's Summit events, and International Social Sciences Council conference, all in Rio 
  • July 2012 – article by IfE’s Rogers on the evolution of inequality published in popular science magazine “New Scientist”
  • August 2012 – chapter on “Equity and Sustainability” by IfE’s Rogers published in Springer online reference book
  • September 2012 – IfE's Equity Action Collaborative planning committee begins meeting
  • September 2012 – IfE's New Economy Project Steering Committee begins meeting
  • October 2012 - "Waiting to be Heard: Preliminary Results of the 2012 Equity & Sustainability Field Hearings" Report re-released globally, with calls for feedback
  • November 2012 – Equity & Sustainability Field Hearings Project Phase Two planning begins
  • December 2012 – five new Advisors elected; one new Director elected